0x00 About

Dragino LoRa Gateway LG01-S is a small, cheap-ish single channel LoRa Gateway running OpenWRT.


0x01 Internals

The device contains:

Block scheme of the devices:

0x02 Configuration

You can follow this manual Dragino WiKi Page.

0x03 Fixing not working/starting bug

In the current firmware version IoT-4.3.4 has a bug.
The LoRa forwarder process won't start 'cose of a bug in the start script/missing uci setting.
There few possible solutions to the issue:

Solution 1
If you decide to go for the more elegant solution open /etc/config/lorawan
At the end of the general section and add a line:
option routine_script 'lg01_pkt_fwd'
This will expose the needed variable (what script/program to start at boot)
and after reboot your device should work as expected

Solution 2
In the web interface of the device go to: System > Start up at the bottom of the page
you will see a text area maked as Local Startup, that is /etc/rc.local
You can go there and just add /etc/iot/scripts/lg01_pkt_fwd &
before the exit 0 line at the bottom.
And reboot the device